How do I identify which garage door spring I need?

Garage door springs usually have colored ends, making it easy to identify them. If you can identify the color at the end of one of your current springs, match it to our model number.

Identifying by color

Color Spring model
Green SK7153
Blue* SK7155  
* Note that some other companies use blue for both 90lb and 140lb springs. If your springs are blue, double-check the door weight or spring diameter.
Brown SK7157
Orange SK7159

Other ways to identify the correct spring

If the color has worn off on your original springs, or your springs are colored blue, you can also identify the correct spring by

  • Weighing your door, using a regular bathroom scale
  • Measuring the diameter of your springs and checking the chart in our spring selection guide

Please watch this video for help identifying the right spring

What next?

For help installing or replacing springs and other hardware, we have additional videos available:


All our springs are extension springs, not torsional springs.