Do Ideal handles work on Andersen, Larsen, Emco, Aluminart, or other brands of storm door?

This article applies to the following handle sets: SKDX, SK1994, SKCS, SKVK, SKHP.

Short answer: Probably.

Our handle sets are surface-mount hardware. 

You can use them to replace surface-mount handle sets on any brand of storm or screen door, as long as

  1. The existing holes are 1 - 3/4" apart (top to bottom) and 
  2. All three holes are 5/16" diameters. 

Just be careful to note that some Anderson storm doors use  mortise handles and locks, which can't be replaced with our handles. Check to make sure your Andersen storm door uses a surface-mount set, and then measure the hole spacings. If they match ours, you can easily use our hardware to replace or upgrade the hardware on your door.