Is there a sensor for a dark basement that will turn on a light for 5 minutes and then turn off?

Let's say you've got a cat who's uncomfortable in the dark, but whose litter box is in your basement.
Or you don't like going to the bathroom in the dark in the middle of the night.
Or you're going on vacation, and you want a light in the house to turn on if someone approaches your front door.

You can pair a SK615 motion sensor with a SK635 wireless controlled A/C socket, and plug a lamp into the socket.

How does it work?

The SK635 is an A/C pass-through that plugs into a standard wall outlet. It has a multi-choice switch (5 MIN /30 MIN / MANUAL), when linked with our SK6 series sensors, it can be turned on remotely and automatically.

When triggered by one of the sensors in our SK6 Home Monitoring Series, the outlet turns on. So if you have a lamp plugged in, it will turn on the lights. The outlet will stay on for 5 minutes (or 30 minutes), then turn back off and reset, waiting to be triggered again.