Is the Ladder-Aide approved by OSHA / CSA / CSST / my local occupational safety authority?

ANSI defines a ladder accessory as " A device which may be factory installed by a ladder manufacturer or field installed and which may expand its function, utility and safety, but without which the portable ladder still functions in its intended manner (as a stepladder, extension ladder, combination ladder, etc.)

Since the Ladder-Aide does not need to be installed, it is not considered an accessory. As such, there is no approval category for this type of product.

Instead, we designed the Ladder-Aide to handle OSHA and ANSI/ASC load standards for Type 2 ladders, and tested it using their guidelines.

Technical details:

  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set standards for portable metal ladders.
  • OSHA has standards for ladders.
  • We used the OSHA guidelines for load capacities to test the Ladder-Aide as if it were a type II ladder:
    "Non-self-supporting and self-supporting portable ladders must support at least four times the maximum intended load"
    Duty Rating
    Rated use
    Test load
    225 lbs
    Medium Duty commercial
    900 lbs
    200 lbs
    Light household
    800 lbs