What does the SK6 Series consist of, and where can I find more SK6 products?

Ideal Security produces a range of home monitoring devices that fulfill distinct roles within the overall goal to keep you safe. What once began as a series with a multitude of niche products has now become a refined line of specialized tools that perform a variety of essential functions.

Concerned about the safety of your home? Spruce up your patio door and pool gate security with the weather-proof SK644. Alternatively, opt for the wireless approach with the SK602 motion sensor which supports up to 50 units per 1 receiver and can be customized to emit sounds ranging from loud alarms to gentle chimes.

Our home monitoring devices do not stop with tools oriented to deter intruders; Ideal Security also believes in preserving the health and safety of loved ones. The SK630 is one such helpful home monitoring product, which can alert you to the comings and goings of children, pets, and elderly family members. The same can be said of our SK638 and SK636 Battery Powered Emergency Light devices, which act as long-lasting beacons of light in the event of power outages.

You can learn more about our SK6 Home Monitoring series here: