My door closer is making a banging noise when opening the door, or seems to be sticking / ratcheting when closing the door

The problem:

Your door closer is 

  • Making a banging noise
  • Seems to be sticking internally
  • Ratcheting

The cause

If the door bracket has come loose from the door, these problems can be caused by the motion of the bracket against the screws.

This is most common when you've replaced an old door closer using the same old screw holes.

The solution

Please check the door bracket. Make sure that it is securely attached to the door

The good news is this can be easily fixed with most of our door closers, because the door bracket allows for multiple insertion points:

Please also check the distance between the door and the jamb bracket. The jamb bracket should be 2 1/8" from the door.

If the installation is correct and secure, and you're still having the problem, please contact us for more help.