How do I choose the right monitoring products for my needs?

We have a wide range of security monitoring products available to choose from, for many situations and applications.

Here I would like to focus on our SK6 Series wireless expandable solutions. In addition to this series, we also have the QH Series, which is a wireless expandable system of motion sensors, and standalone sensors with built-in alarms.

First, you have to know what you like to monitor

We have sensors to monitor the following situations/events:

Next, decide how you would like to be notified when a sensor is triggered

If you want to hear an alarm in your home, because you may be at home near the sensors, then you could use one of the following:

If you want a really loud alarm that can be installed inside or outside:

If you want remote notifications by phone, because you may be out of the house but want to be alerted, then you can use:

Finally, consider how you'd like to control the system

There are a number of ways to arm, disarm, and otherwise control your system.


You can also check out the  bundles and starter kits we have available. These include packages for home monitoring, motion sensor setups, remote notifications of floods, and more. Starting with a bundle will save you money and time, as in many cases the sensors are pre-linked.

Setting up

Once you have all the sensors and receivers you need, you'll have to link them together and test them. It's easy to do, following the instructions included with each (you can also find instructions and video walkthroughs on our website).

Each sensor can be linked to an unlimited number of receivers (alerts, dialers, and sirens).

But the receivers will have limits on how many sensors can be linked to them. Please read the product descriptions carefully.


First, note that our home monitoring products are not compatible with other third party products in the market. Nor can they be modified to work with third party products. If you've got a system at home from another manufacturer, you will not be able to add in SK6-Series or QH-Series sensors.

Second, not all our products are compatible with each other. Please carefully read the descriptions and instructions of each product. The compatibility should be clear, but if you have any questions, call or email us for more information.