Great for extensions, but what about A-frames?

The Ladder-Aide is designed and recommended for use only with single and extension ladders.

A-Frames are self-supporting, and they're designed to be used at a very specific angle. Because of this, their feet aren't hinged, they're stationary.

The manufacturer of an A-Frame ladder knows that the ladder will be used safely when it's self-supporting, as designed. We know that ladders can be used safely on the Ladder-Aide when the ladder's feet are flat on the Ladder-Aide platform, and it's erected at the proper angle (1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet of ladder height). 

We don't recommend using an A-Frame ladder with the Ladder-Aide. Please follow your ladder's instructions carefully, and exercise caution whenever using a ladder on the Ladder-Aide.