Can I replace a push button handle set with a pull handle set?

Yes, our pull handle sets can replace most push-button handle sets. 

There are a few things to consider.

1. What to do with the extra small hole on the door?

Most push-button handle sets have a mounting screw near the bottom of the handle. This will leave small hole on the door surface after removal of the handle. 

If you'd like to cover the hole after replacement, then you should consider the DX pull handle, which includes a backplate.

2. Check the backset

The backset is the distance from the center of the latch (the interior handle) to the jamb where the strike plate is mounted.

The backset should be measured from the inside, with door closed. 

If the backset is 7/8" or greater

If the backset is 7/8" or greater, you can replace your push-button handle set with any of the following pull handle sets: 

  • SK1994
  • SKCS
  • SKDX
  • SKHP
  • SKVK

You may need to install a shim (which we include in our packages) under the strike if the latch action is loose.

If the backset is 3/4" or less

If the backset is 3/4" or less, you can still use our pull handle sets, but you'll need to replace the included WC latch with our SK10 Inside Latch.

Standard backsets

  • BK311, BK312, BK411, and SK940: 7/8".
  • SK11, SK12, and SK910: 3/4".
  • SKDX, SKHP, SK1994, SKVK, and SKCS: 7/8".