Is the Ladder-Aide approved by OSHA?

1. There is no approval requirement for the Ladder-Aide

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not certify or approve products. A number of OSHA standards do contain requirements for "approval" of specific products, however:

  • There is no approval requirement ladder accessories like the Ladder-Aide. 
    • For a complete list of the type of products requiring NRTL approval, click here.
  • These approvals are not given by OSHA, but by Nationally Recognized Testing Labs (NRTLs), like CSA or UL
    • There is no CSA or UL standard that applies to the Ladder-Aide. For more information on why not, click here

2. OSHA Safety and Health Regulations for Construction: Ladders

OSHA does however have Standards covering the use of ladders on job sites. Those standards are very clear:

Ladders shall be used only on stable and level surfaces unless secured to prevent accidental displacement. ( 1926.1053)

The Ladder-Aide and Ladder-Aide Pro are designed to provide a stable, level, and secure base for ladders on stairs, when used in compliance with all related ladder safety guidelines such as those provided by OSHA and the ladder manufacturer.

3. Additional OSHA guidance on the safe use of portable ladders

In addition to the broad requirements in the standard above, OSHA provides more specific guidance on the safe use of portable ladders in this Portable Ladder Safety Quick Card. The guidance is clear on when and how to use accessories like the Ladder-Aide: 

• Only use ladders and appropriate accessories (ladder levelers, jacks or hooks) for their designed purposes.
• Use a ladder only on a stable and level surface, unless it has been secured (top or bottom) to prevent displacement. 
• Do not place a ladder on boxes, barrels or other unstable bases to obtain additional height. 

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