How to assemble the TBXF60, TBXF116, and TBXF200.

Tools Required: a drill.

Parts included:

1st step:

  • Take 4 x part A, 1 x part B, 2 x part D, 2 x part F and 2 x part I.
  • Snap the 2 parts F together and secure them using part B.
  • Align the holes of the 2 parts D with the holes at the extremities of part F.
  • Insert the 4 parts A into the aligned holes, 2 for each side.
  • Connect the 2 parts I at the extremities of part F.
  • Tighten the 4 parts A with the provided wrench.
  • insert the included leveller into part F.

2nd step:

  • Take 4 x part A, 1 x part B and 2 x parts E 
  • Snap the 2 parts E together and secure them using part B.
  • Connect the 2 extremities of the joined parts E to the extremities of the 2 parts I by using 4 parts A; 2 for each side.
  • Tighten the 4 parts A with the provided wrench

Now you can hang the frame on the wall

 3rd step (for bin#2 only or all the bins in TBXF200) :

  • Take 2 x part G and 2 x part H.
  • Insert parts G into parts H.
  • Once the previous 2 steps have been completed, you will have 2 assembled pins.
  • Slide 1 of pins into the tracks at one side of the frame and the other one into the tracks at the other side of the frame.
  • Insert the pins into the keyholes in the rear side of the tilt bin.

For all the other bins, use the provided blue buttons.