How to get keyed alike cylinders for lever handle sets?

We have keyed alike cylinders for the following lever handle set models:

SK1215, BK1216, SKGLK, HK01-I, and 34359.

However, we don't pre-assemble keyed alike handle or deadbolt sets. And we only have chrome finish and brass finish faceplates for the keyed alike cylinders.

You can place your order following the link below to obtain keyed alike cylinders:

How to change key cylinder: 

Check out a FAQ here:

Summary of steps to take in order to have keyed alike cylinders on your doors:

1. Order the handle or lock model mentioned above from anywhere you can find them. 
2. Order the keyed alike cylinders on our website from the link above. You may choose any key code, then specify qty.
3. Once you get them (1 & 2) all, do the cylinder replacement by yourself.