How to order and change keyed alike cylinder in the deadbolt set SK703?

We don't pre-assemble keyed alike deadbolt set, but you can order all the parts and assemble by yourself. You need an external snap ring plier to do the change. 

First, order the SK703 sets:

Then order keyed alike cylinders:
(choose your color, select a key code, then specify qty)

Once you receive them all, do the change by yourself.
Tool you need: An external snap ring plier (not included). The tip of the plier should be less than diameter 0.052" (1.33 mm) to fit into the holes of the snap ring.

You can buy it from your local hardware store or your online retailer. 

To change the key cylinder:
  • Remove the external snap ring using an external snap ring plier;
  • Push out the key cylinder;
  • Insert a new one and assemble the external snap ring.