What is anti-lockout latch?

All our locking latches have anti-lockout (no lockout) smart locks. The locking feature is integrated in the latch. A locking lever can be push towards strike jamb side to lock the door, and push back towards the hinge jamb side to unlock. The locking lever can be located on top or bottom of the latches depending on the latch and door handedness. 

Anti-lockout (no lockout):

It means that if the lock in the latch is engaged prior to closing the door, the closing action will disengage the lock so that you can't accidentally be locked out of your home. 

Our locking latches are: WC latch and ZD latch.

The following handle sets have locking latches:

SK11X, SK12, SK940, BK311, BK312, SKDX, SKCS, SK1994, BK4390, and ISB1. 

Check them out here: https://www.idealinc.com/en/door-and-window-hardware/storm-and-screen-door-hardware/handles-sets/