What is the keyhole (mounting hole) size and what screw to use?

1. Check out the keyhole size here:

2. We recommend using Phillips Pan Head or Round Head #10 screws. You can use wood screws, sheet metal self tapping screws, or machine screws depending on your applications.

3. How to install the screws: 

1). Remove the bins to expose the mounting holes.

2). Mark the desire location using the BNZ bin set as a guide. 

3). Make pilot holes using 1/8" drill bit.

4). Fasten the screws chosen, leave out 1/8" spacing between the screw head and the back wall or support structure.

5). Align and hook the BNZ bin set on the screws, fasten the screws.

6). Re-install the bins from step #1.

Note: If mounting on drywall, use wall anchors. Follow the instructions accompanying with anchors. Check load ratings of the anchor system.