What Screw Length Do You Need for Your Handles, Latches, and Deadbolts?

Check out the table below:

French Chart

Picking the correct screws for your door handle and deadbolt installation can be tricky without knowing everything from the thickness of your door to the model of your deadbolt or handle. That is why our products come packaged with all the screws you need – but what exactly is the difference between one screw and the next? To answer that question, we have compiled all the necessary information needed into a helpful table to guide you through finding and understanding the right kind of screws for the job.

Before understanding the distinct types of screws, it is essential to know which parts of your products even need them. When buying your handles, determine if they come with or are compatible with deadbolts. If you choose a handle set that does not come with a deadbolt but is compatible with deadbolt installation, you can choose between our different deadbolt designs – the SK703 and GLK deadbolts; both equally stylish, functional, and capable of being installed above or below the handle on any out-swinging storm door. When purchasing a deadbolt or a handle set that comes with a deadbolt, expect to see more screws of different sizes for this extra (but equally important) component.

We have also done away with the stress of decision-making with a few of our handles that come packaged with deadbolts, such as the 1215 and 1216 lever door handles which come with the GLK deadbolt and SK375 inside latch, or the HK357DB05 which comes with the DB05 deadbolt and SK375 inside latch. 

Depending on the style of handle you buy, you will need different-sized screws to mount the handle and its respective latch. Our handles differ not only in style, but also in internal design. As such, some screws might be a ¼" longer than the standard size to adjust for these internal differences. The same can be said of our deadbolts; for example, the GLK deadbolt comes with screws that have an additional ¼" length longer than the door thickness, whereas the SK703 deadbolt comes with screws that have an additional ½" length longer than the door thickness.

You can find more detailed information in the table above, which lets you know exactly which screws and parts you are receiving with your product. With this store of knowledge in tow, you can make your purchases with confidence in our specialized door handles and deadbolts.