How Do I Use the Touch and Hold Feature on My 9600 or 9700 Storm Door Closers?

Designed to ease the hassle of using your storm door, our 9600 and 9700 models feature a Touch & Hold function. The Touch & Hold feature allows our pneumatic storm door closers to act as both an automatic door closer and a door stopper to keep it held open.

This convenient and innovative feature opens new avenues of ease when it comes to opening and closing your storm door, such as allowing your door to remain open while you haul groceries indoors, or remaining at ease knowing that your storm door has automatically closed shut behind you.

Activating and using the Touch & Hold feature of your storm door has never been easier with two simple options available for use:

Option 1

  • Open the door to your desired angle
  • Tap the Touch & Hold button
  • Let go

Option 2

  • Tap the Touch & Hold button
  • Afterward, open the door to your desired angle
  • Let go

Regardless of the option you choose, you can have the storm door automatically close behind you by giving it a gentle push to disengage the Touch & Hold Feature.

But why stop there? Consider pairing your elegant 9600 or 9700 pneumatic storm door closer with one of our storm door handle sets that come in lever, push-button, or pull handle varieties.

With our distinguished two-or-four-post ML Lever Handle Sets ( 1215/1216) or our modern and sleek AJ Lever Sets with Keyed Deadbolts, your storm door with pneumatic Touch & Hold closer will take on a new, refined look.