How Do I Know if My Emergency Light Is Charging?

When you've plugged your 636 Battery Powered LED Emergency Light into an electrical outlet with the included AC adapter, a small LED light on the front of the rechargeable emergency light unit will light up. This indicates that your emergency light is properly plugged in and charging. It will take approximately 48-72 hours for your emergency light to fully recharge, after which your emergency light charge will last for up to 3 months, depending on usage.

Keeping your 636 Emergency Light plugged in with its AC adapter doesn't just offer charging capabilities; if you've set your light to the AUTO mode while it's plugged in, it can operate as a gentle night light if placed in a dark area. If the unit detects a power outage or home power failure while plugged in and set to the AUTO mode, the emergency lights will automatically turn on to light up your surroundings.

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